Fibre Guide

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Baby Alpaca


Baby Alpaca has become increasingly popular in the UK. Not surprising when you realise it's a perfect fibre for year-round wear. The key to this is the hollow fibres. They allow heat to be trapped while naturally pushing water away. This ability to manage moisture in this way means it's highly breathable and helps prevent the wearer over-heating.

Another benefit of this warm and lightweight fibre is that (unlike sheep's wool) it doesn't contain lanolin so it's naturally hypoallergenic. This, along with its softness, makes it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

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Yaks have adapted to survive and thrive in the harsh climates of the high-altitude Himalayas. Their fine layer of inner wool protects them and enables them to cope with the harsh winter months. Yak wool is lustrous and very fine to touch. It's warmth and softness has been compared to cashmere, and like merino, it's natually odour resistant.

When we first introduced this Yak knitwear nearly 10 years ago, it was a fibre a lot of people hadn't considered before. We have been passionate about this yarn from the offset and our customers quickly understood why we have championed it.

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We really believe our exclusive blend of luxury fibres makes for nothing less than a super-yarn.

Merino's strength brings durability to the mix, Yak provides wonderful levels of warmth while Cashmere gives that gorgeous softness that feels fantastic against the skin.

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This rare and unique fibre has excellent thermostatic properties just perfect for our knitwear. Only the soft, fine undercoat fibres are selected which have a wonderful natural lustre in the characteristic camel colour.

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While we usually associate merino with Australia and New Zealand, in the 12th century merino sheep thrived in Spain and in fact before the 18th century the export of merinos from Spain was a crime punishable by death! Other early adopters were the Bedouins of the Sinai deserts. Merino wool's natural breathability would have been perfect for the extreme weather - hot during the day, cold at night.

Our merino has been sourced from Australia and as well as being chosen for the excellent breathability and thermostatic properties, we also love its strength. Merino wool is naturally long - making for a stronger fibre so you'll be enjoying your chosen garments for many years to come.

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Mohair is one of the oldest fibres in use and is globally acknowledged as the 'noble fibre'. It is no surprise to us that this magnificent fibre has stood the test of time. Mohair is a soft wool that comes from the fleece of the Angora goat, and is characterised by a distinct lustre and sheen and responds to dyes beautifully.

This incredible fibre is a great insulator - but without the weight penalty, so as well as offering wonderful levels of warmth it's also luxuriously lightweight.

Mohair is one of our most requested fibres. As well as being available in a wide selection of tops we also have mohair blankets and accessories.

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People are often surprised when we describe sheepskin as the perfect year-round fibre. How can it be possible of something that looks and feels so warm? Essentially, the fibres breathe to act just like a natural thermostat for your body.

Sheepskin fibres are hollow and can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. As well as having excellent insulating properties, sheepskin is also resistant to flame and static electricity.

Carefully selected by us for its warm and comforting properties, it's the perfect choice for our range of winter warmers.

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Cashmere is known for being one of the worlds softest fibres. We only use the finest, highest quality pure cashmere sourced from Mongolia.

Cashmere is up to eight times more insulating than regular sheep's wool, providing high levels of insulation. Due to its lightweight nature and resistance to wrinkles, cashmere knitwear drapes beautifully giving it an elegant look.

We're confident you'll delight in the warmth and cloud-soft touch of our premium cashmere clothing and accessories.

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