Globally acknowledged as the 'Noble Fibre', the fleece of the South African Angora goat is an incredible insulator providing the ultimate warmth without weight.  It is luxuriously lightweight and responds to dyes beautifully, creating a collection of accessories and blankets you will fall in love with.

  • Mohair Shrug Powder Pink Mohair Shrug in Latte

    Mohair Shrug


    Providing the ultimate lightweight warmth, our mohair shrug is a great alternative to a cardigan to keep the chill off. It can be worn over almost anything and looks fabulous! 70% mohair, 30% wool One size - length 31”

  • Mohair Pocket Gilet in navy Mohair Pocket Gilet in winter sky

    Mohair Pocket Gilet


    Our mohair gilet is pure indulgence. Lightweight yet deliciously warm, the folded collar seamlessly createsgenerous pockets. 70% mohair, 30% wool

  • Mohair Longline Gilet in Latte Mohair Longline Gilet in Majestic

    Mohair Longline Gilet


    You are always telling us how much you love a gilet, and this one will be no exception! Extra-long length to keep you warm and pockets that add the practical touch, this ribbed gilet has movement in the knit that will hug you perfectly. 70% mohair, 30%...